Virtual Dancing with Alegria Dance Centre

Virtual Dance Classes

Join the fun of our incredible dance family and community online for Virtual Group Dance Classes. We offer beginners groups like Latin Fitness as an example, Intermediate groups including the Latin Styling and Technique group, and advanced groups including the Silver & Gold groups.


Virtual Private Lessons

Whilst we’re in isolation from one another physically, we don’t have to isolate ourselves from experiencing the joy of dance with each other. In our Virtual Private Dance Lessons, you can work on dances that don’t move much and improve your technique and styling in the areas you want to improve in!


A-Club Online Membership

If you’d like to watch and learn from our huge database of videos online, simply sign up to our A-Club Online Membership for only $14.99 per month and get access to over 240 dancing video tutorials! We have 12 different dance styles for you to learn from the basics, through to an intermediate level.