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Learning to dance socially is by far one of the most enjoyable things an individual or a couple can do. Once you've been learning to dance socially for long enough, you may feel comfortable and confident enough to enjoy one of Alegria Dance Centre's Social Dance Parties!

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If you want to experience the joy of dance with us at Alegria Dance Centre within some Private Dance Lessons or Group Dance Classes before jumping into a Social, simply tap the button below.

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We run our Social Dance Parties on the first Friday evening of every month at 8pm until 10pm. You can experience the joy of dance whilst socially dancing with a group of like-minded people in our non-intimidating atmosphere. Try a Social at Alegria Dance Centre 🙂

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Social Dances are not only great for the experience you get from them, but they're also great for fitness! You'll be dancing throughout the night, there's no better way to get fit than doing something enjoyable.

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Social Dance

Friday 1st September @ 7:30pm – 10pm

Come at 7:30pm for a FREE Social Dance Class before the Social Dance Party. We’ll be teaching some dance moves for you to use within the Social Dance Party itself.

In this class we’ll be giving you a basic introduction to West Coast Swing with Rohan. As we will be introducing West Coast Swing to our new time table starting as of the 7th of August. Beginners and experienced dancers all welcome! So please book yourself a spot in this free dance class with rohan at 7:30pm on the 4th of August to have fun with all of our teachers and students.

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On Friday the 1st of September 2017 at 8pm through to 10pm you can come and experience the joy of dance. We run a FREE 30 minute Social Dance Class at 7:30pm until 8pm for every dancer to come and enjoy some small teachings before the Social Dance Party. Beginners are welcome to come along to get more experience on the dance floor, it's a great way for all dancers to practice your dance steps to some great music. We play the music and you can dance the night away. Our instructor will call out the name of the dance at the start of each song. Later through the night, we teach a progressive dance to get everyone moving! So much fun and entertainment for every dancer 🙂

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