September Exhibition Gala Ball

Exhibition Gala Ball | Dinner Dance

3 Course Gourmet Meal, Social Dancing & Performances!

Enjoy Canapés and drinks upon arrival, followed by a sit down dinner and dessert at Alegria Dance Centre's Exhibition Gala Ball! Loads of Social Dancing throughout the night, plenty of student performances with their teachers and of course our team performances as well. This night is an absolute extravaganza not to be missed! Book your tickets online or simply call Justin to organise your tables 🙂 (03) 9017 5268 or 0413 009 894

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Some Videos from our previous Exhibition Gala Ball & Dinner Dance

Medal Exams, Showcases, Formations

At Alegria Dance Centre, our students work hard towards achieving awards at our Exhibition Gala Ball. There are 3 different ways for our students to get awards at our Exhibition Gala Balls. Medal Exams are done with a teacher or as a partnership in a specific style and a particular level. Showcases are a performance with your instructor or a partner, a bit like what you see on dancing with the stars! Lastly, our Formations are choreographed group performances that you do within specific group dance classes on a weekly schedule at the studio and work towards performing at our Gala Ball.
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You could be a performer!

We have something for every level performer, and every budget! If you're a beginner, starting out in Private Dance Lessons and group dance classes is the best way to start learning to dance. Start working towards your first Medal Exam in either Ballroom, Latin, Street latin or New Vogue. Then move into the next level (Bronze Bar) and try a Showcase to perform to your friends and family. Our instructors are amazing choreographers and teachers, so you can feel confident that you'd be in great hands. Or, if Private Dance Lessons are not for you, you can sign up for one of our very exciting Group Formation Performances and learn within our weekly specific Formation Dance Classes at Class Prices!