The Alegria Dance Centre Team

Justin Moulton

Founder, Choreographer & Dance Instructor

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Justin is the very proud owner and director of Alegria Dance Centre. With 30+ years of experience in this industry he loves and adores, he feels at home in his beautiful dance studio, with his amazing team and gorgeous students.

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Simon Hewitt

Choreographer & Dance Instructor

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Simon’s extensive experience in teaching dance started 16 years ago. His passion and creativity towards all Latin and Ballroom dances is paramount to the positivity enjoyed by all of his students. Simon is full of fun and energy!

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Shawn Bello

Choreographer & Dance Instructor

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Shawn’s strength in technical Latin & Ballroom dancing is second to none. Having been a National Competitor in Latin dancing, he is both incredible to watch and wonderful to learn from. He’s also our Bachata expert!

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Shig Monares

Choreographer & Dance Instructor

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Shig has an extensive amount of experience in the dancing industry. Including being our resident Argentine Tango expert! His choreography is unique and he’s a real asset to the Alegria team.

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Rohan Guillon

Choreographer & Dance Teacher

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Rohan has been teaching with us at Alegria for over 6 years and is well known for his creativity and brilliance with musicality. He is specifically teaching showcase students only in private lessons.

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Luba Shifman

Choreographer & Dance Instructor

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Luba has been teaching dancing for over 20 years! Her classes are full of laughter and happiness. She is available for Private Lessons, Wedding Dance Lessons and she runs our Rock n’ Roll dance classes.

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Melissa Cristina

Choreographer & Dance Instructor

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Melissa brings a beautiful and warm energy to our team. She is our resident Wedding Dance specialist, and is amazing in Belly Dance, Salsa, Samba, and many more Latin dance styles. Available Tues & Wed, day & night.

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