Countries of the World Themed Social Dance Party!

Friday 2nd September @ 7:30pm – 10pm

Come at 7:30pm for a FREE Social Dance Class before the Social Dance Party. We’ll be teaching some dance moves for you to use within the Social Dance Party itself. This free dance class will have different teachings each month, typical to the dances we will be playing the most music for on the night. Beginners and experienced dancers all welcome!

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Next Social Dance Party

On Friday the 2nd of September at 8pm through to 10pm you can come and experience the joy of dance. We run a FREE 30 minute Social Dance Class at 7:30pm until 8pm for every dancer to come and enjoy some small teachings before the Social Dance Party. Beginners are welcome to come along to get more experience on the dance floor, it's a great way for all dancers to practice your dance steps to some great music. We play the music and you can dance the night away. Our instructor will call out the dance name at the start of each song, they'll even teach some basic steps in the beginning to get you started. Later through the night we even teach a progressive dance to get everyone moving! So much fun and entertainment 🙂

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