Thirteen years ago was the start of Alegria Dance Centre… A small dance studio with only one dance teacher, me (Justin).

In Spanish, Alegria means joy and happiness. Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to every dance service we provide at our beautiful and non-intimidating studio. The aim was a simple one: Can we get more people dancing socially in Melbourne? We wanted to create a community of dancers that were supportive of one another, and that had one amazing quality in common, dancing for fun and joy!

We hosted our first Medal Day in our very small dance studio space with only  3 students performing at this event in 2010 (our first year). It was at least a start to what Alegria might become 🙂

10 years later, Alegria was running 4 events per year for our students, their family and friends. 2 Exhibition Gala Balls with 150 to 200 people attending per event, and 2 Medal Nights in our larger dance studio that we moved into in 2015.

In 2019, we were having up to 45 performances on our Exhibition Gala Ball evenings. I was ecstatic with how Alegria had grown into, and even exceeded my expectations of what kind of dance studio my team and I were creating. After Covid, we are so happy to say that we're still open and doing what we love.

Our beautiful, loyal dancing family are still here, and loving the amazing culture we've created. Therefore, now in 2023, we decided to rebrand and update our overall look to reflect the amazing dance studio that Alegria is today.

We're now known as Alegria Dance Co, proudly still teaching you to dance after 13 years of business and happy to bring even more joy and happiness for many years to come!

Justin Moulton - 2023. 


If you need some time for you, and you've always wanted to learn to dance and have always loved music. It's now that time in your life where you start to experience some joy and finally give yourself the treat you deserve! Learn to dance at Alegria Dance Co, you won't regret it!

Why Alegria?

We're all about making dance fun, easy and completely non-intimidating. Our dance studio is 100% exclusive to adults learning to dance socially! That's right, you get to be the kids on the dance floor having fun 🙂 We teach you the dances you want to learn, at the pace that you feel comfortable!

Your Home

With our non-intimidating environment, passionate, friendly and experienced team, and a bunch of like-minded students having fun, there's no place like Alegria Dance Co! We aim for our dance studio to become your new home for dancing, it should feel that comfortable!

Our Services

Alegria Dance Co offers a range of dance services exclusive to adults learning to dance. We specialise in Latin American including the Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive and Paso Doble. Ballroom including the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. Street Latin including Salsa, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Zouk, West Coast Swing, Mambo and Bolero.