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Alegria Dance Centre - A Dance Studio for Adults!

With learning to dance, most would automatically think that you need a partner to learn how to dance any style of couples dancing at a dance studio. Well, we are here to tell you that this is not true. You can learn as a single dancer with your teacher in private lessons, dance classes or even dance workshops or social dance parties at our Dance Studio in Cheltenham, exclusive to Adults learning to dance.

In Spanish, Alegria simply means joy, happiness, gladness, contentment and satisfaction. At Alegria Dance Centre, our core principle and mission is exactly that… To bring joy and happiness to every dance lesson, dance class or dance workshop we provide at our beautiful and non-intimidating environment. Experience the joy of dance in our Adults Dance Studio in Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria.

Proudly one of Melbourne's only Dance Studios exclusive to adults learning to dance. We offer a personalised experience in learning to dance in the styles of Latin, Ballroom, Street Latin and New Vogue. You can become the dancer that you've always wanted to be, simply contact us today and experience the joy of dance today!

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You need some time for you, you've always wanted to learn to dance and have always loved music. It's now that time in your life where you start to experience some joy and finally give yourself the treat you deserve! Learn to dance at Alegria Dance Centre, you won't regret it!

Why Alegria?

We're all about making dance fun, easy and completely non-intimidating. Our dance studio is completely exclusive to adults! That's right, you get to be the kids on the dance floor having fun πŸ™‚ We teach you the dances you want to learn, at the pace that you feel comfortable!

Your Home

With our non-intimidating environment, passionate, friendly and experienced team and a bunch of like-minded students having fun, there's no place like Alegria Dance Centre! We aim for our dance studio to become your new home for dancing, it should feel that comfortable!

Our Services

Alegria Dance Centre offers a wide range of dance services exclusive to adults, we are proud to be one of Melbourne's only dance studios to offer an adults only experience in learning to dance. The styles that we specialise in are Latin American including the Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive and Paso Doble. Ballroom including the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. Street Latin including Salsa, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Zouk, Mambo and Bolero. Dance Studio Cheltenham, Dance Studio Bayside.

Learn to dance at a time that suits you, learning the dances that you’ve always wanted to learn, at the pace that you feel comfortable! Private Dance Lessons are for every dancer… Whether you are a raw beginner, or a dance junkie with years of experience, the Alegria Dance Centre team has the experience and passion to teach you how to have fun on the dance floor. Learn to dance toward achieving a wonderful performance or medal exam… Go to our “What We Offer” page and learn more about the wonderful things you can work towards in your private dance lessons.
We can help you in creating the Wedding Dance of your dreams. Or, even helping to pick the perfect Wedding Dance music based on your personalities and love of music. A Wedding Dance is your first dance as Husband and Wife, it should be a special moment that is looked back on for years and years. We have helped create hundreds of Wedding Dances and proudly stand as one of the best Wedding Dance Studios in Melbourne. Enquire today to find out what we can do to help create your dream Wedding Dance!
We offer a wide variety of dance classes for adults at our very Social and fun dance studio in Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria. Ranging from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced in Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Rock & Roll, Zouk, and we even teach Formation dance classes for our students wanting to work toward achieving something with like-minded dancers. A Formation dance is performed at one of our bi-annual events we host called an Exhibition Gala Ball. Visit our Exhibition gala Ball page for more information.

Once a month and sometimes more often, we host specific Dance Workshops for our students to get an injection boost of dance information in a 1.5 hour dance workshop. Each Dance Workshop has a different category or style and will focus on this throughout the entire workshop to help fast track our students learning. Fun huh? Keep up to date with what’s on offer by signing up to our Dance News | Blog RSS feed.
Once a month, Alegria Dance Centre and our fantastic team host a Social Dance Party for our wonderful students and non-students to get up and practice the moves they’ve been learning in Dance Lessons and Dance Classes. It’s a brilliant night full of fun social dancing, a small line dance is taught and a little bit of progressive dancing where everyone learns a dance that revolves and changes partners. Book yourself a spot in our next Social Dance Party by visiting the Social Dance Parties page.
Have the need to treat your employees? Your team is always at their best when they get that exciting treat from you. Give them the gift of dance! Alegria Dance Centre has performed exciting dance classes for companies such as the NAB bank, Tech Firms in the city and small businesses celebrating their staff Christmas Parties. Your team could learn how to do some solo Saucy Salsa and then perform a basic Salsa Dance at the end of the class whilst the teacher videos the fun. Or, choose a theme like 80’s music, Latin music, Disco or anything that could suit the theme of an event you’re holding. Alegria can match that theme with some neat dance moves and music that will enhance your event with sheer entertainment.

Alegria Dance Centre Experience the joy of dance!

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Our Spectacular Team

Every one of Alegria Dance Centre's team members are passionate, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky people with the same goal in mind, helping our students in experiencing the joy of dance within any dance lesson, dance class or dance workshop.

Adults Dance Studio

Justin Moulton

The very proud owner of Alegria Dance Centre. Loves dancing more than life, exudes happiness and joy in every dance movement he makes, and teaches with even more zest! It’s what Justin was born to do!

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Adults Dance Studio

Simon Hewitt

One of Alegria Dance Centre’s senior Dance Instructors, Simon is an amazing choreographer and teacher with a truly happy nature. You would find it hard to not enjoy a lesson with Simon!

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Adults Dance Studio

Rohan Guillon

The Master of Street Latin including Zouk, Salsa, Argentine Tango and West Coast Swing. Rohan is extremely experienced in Latin & Ballroom dancing as well, a truly diverse instructor and beautiful dancer!

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Jonathan Ahfat

A simply beautifully natured individual with nothing but care for his students. A funny and helpful teacher with an extreme amount of experience in the dancing industry. Jonathan has also been in the top 100 of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, he is also a great wedding dance instructor!

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Try a 2 Week Introductory Offer!

We are now offering a 2 Week Unlimited dance class introductory offer! That's right, 2 weeks of unlimited dance classes at our dance studio in cheltenham. This Introductory offer does not include Social Dance Parties, Private Dance Lessons, Wedding Dance Lessons or Dance Workshops.