To all of our beautiful students, friends and family.

Given the circumstances, and with everyones best interests in mind, we’ve decided to close Alegria Dance Centre’s doors temporarily and postpone the Exhibition Gala Balls. It’s been a hard couple of weeks with many decisions to consider, that combined with so many cancellations regarding lessons, we’re certainly facing this situation hard, as many of us are.

We’re sure looking forward to the time we get to experience the joy of dance with you all again. If you have any questions with regards to your lessons moving forward, please call or text me (Justin) on 0413 009 894. Our plan is to honour all lessons and classes when the studio is back up and running, we just don’t know when this will be. We want to do our part in making sure this dreadful virus slows down.

Exhibition Gala Ball:

We’ve booked a tentative date with Merrimu Receptions for JULY 24th 2020. And, if the COVID-19 situation hasn’t settled by then, we have the option to move the date back another month to late August, and even once again to late September. We wish we had a crystal ball to tell the future of how this is all going to unfold. But for now, let’s stay positive for a wonderful event at the end of JULY 2020.

How does this affect me (my showcase fees, my ticket/s)?

We will be rolling all showcase fees and tickets over to the next Exhibition Gala Ball (hopefully hosted on the 24th of JULY 2020). If you can’t make it to the 24th July 2020, please let us know and we will credit your account for private lessons. All tickets purchased are held for those respective guests at the price they paid. Ticket prices will now go to $130 per person for the next event. So for those of you who purchased at $105 or $115 per person, you’ve made some savings 🙂

Other Important Info:

  • Students can now perform 4 showcases at the next Exhibition Gala Ball.
  • Both Formation performances will be performed at the next Exhibition Gala Ball. Classes will resume when we reopen our doors. Memberships have been terminated, and Formation Performance Class fees will be reduced.
  • The October Exhibition Gala Ball will now be moved to December 18th 2020. So we still get to host 2 events this year!
  • In December, we’ll celebrate a Christmas Medal and Showcase event in style at Merrimu Receptions 🙂

This decision gives you all the time to perfect your routines even further (once we reopen our doors), and to potentially start working on another special performance you may have had in mind. It also gives us the opportunity to run a positive event with no negative shroud of energy from this COVID-19 situation. We can all celebrate and dance with confidence at an event held after this has all passed by.

The team and I were super excited to see friendly faces coming into the studio still. As this is our last day in the studio, Shawn and I are taking a few Private Lessons, and my last Formation Class before closure. We hope it’s a temporary measure that’s in place while the peak of the COVID-19 curve is coming through our beautiful country. And once that curve is flattening, you can count on us being back on the dance floor! I think we’ll miss each other crazily over this time, so I count on opening some virtual dance classes for you all to attend and have some fun from the comfort of your own home. Watch this space!

My heart is filled with hope. And it’s a time that we are all in need of a positive outlook. So please contact me and keep up the communication with those dear to you during this time. Most importantly, we’re sending you all virtual hugs and positivity in these dark times. The Alegria Dance Centre family is a beautiful group of people, we wish for good health and the safety of you all.

Warmest regards, Justin Moulton – Founder @ Alegria Dance Centre. 23.03.2020

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